I want to swim in a confetti swimming pool!

{ New confetti pins . 9€ } { materials: confetti, acrylic, textile }
{ part I }
I made a playground... with a confetti swimming pool

I made confetti mattresses to lay down on them and feel collorfull

I thought a confetti fan cow should test it first...

I planted confetti flowers and I smell them all the time

I cooked a delicious confetti sandwich with butter and a slice of tomato

Now I'm waiting for my darling to cook a big heart cake for dessert

I shall keep a heart piece in my bath suite buttons to remember it forever

Later we will see the sunset from our swimming pool confetti

{ part II }
I have this idea of putting some bright red fishes in the confetti swimming pool

So I started with two. Two little red fishes that will grow up fast

and there was a particular moment that brought more love into my heart:

I discovered that my confetti swimming pool can reflect the birds flying in the sky


Tini said...

This is so coooool! I really like that experimental "cooking"-aspect!

inesantiago said...

Thanks Tini!!!