Pencils that come alive as necklaces ✎♥

I found an old bag full of tiny pencils. I couldn’t use them anymore because they were too small to handle. Last year I made some experiences with necklace pencils but I didn’t explored it enough. Now I came upon this old bag and I think it may be a signal to return to this material and make an effort to make it work!  And you know? I am really enjoying it! It has so much potential!


~ diving ~


Sant Jordi: não me tragas flores, traz antes amores ♥ (ou pelo menos um robô)

Dedico este post a todas as minhas queridas amigas que neste dia de Sant Jordi apenas querem amor! :)

Sant Jordi no me traigas flores, tráeme antes amores (al menos un robot)
 ¡Dedico este post a todas mis buenas amigas que en este día de San Jordi solo piden amor! 

SOS Sant Jordi

¡¡4 ojos!! No te lo dejes pasar...

Ken, ¡a su disposición señora!