Can't wait for Spring! <3

Newborn Dragonflies

Multicoloured Pollen

Pink Fertility

Drops of Love

Fossilised Raspberries


Underwater Exploration!

Jewel Sea Anemone . earrings

Mosaic Jellyfish . earrings

Mushroom Coral . earrings

Coral Montipora . earrings


Life of a Seaman

The Mermaid Moorings . bracelet

Seaman's Exquisite Treasures . bracelet

Blue Beard Pirate With a Heart . bracelet

Seaman's Shell Collection . bracelet

King Neptune Strong Rope . bracelet

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Designing New Business Cards for Handcraft Stories!


Love is like this

I Have The Key To His Heart


I Want to Swim With You in the Blue Lagoon

We Should Share a Mint Tea

Sleepy Vintage Owl                                               

I felt in Love in Sunny Paris

A Sailor Took My Heart                         

  My Lover Gave me Spring Flowers
Never thought I'd say this sentence...

I changed countries for love.

I dropped everything and left.
My work, my family, my friends, my land. Having left all this for this reason has a special taste. Damn, I still have courage to spare!
I'll take care of this love every day and I'll make sure that handcraft stories have more incredible stories to tell!
Jamais pensei que diria um dia esta frase, mas a verdade é que...

Mudei de país por Amor.

Deixei tudo e parti.
O meu trabalho, a minha família, os meus amigos, a minha terra. Ter deixado tudo isto por este motivo tem um gosto especial. Bolas, ainda tenho coragem para dar e vender!
Vou regar este Amor todos os dias e deixar que as handcraft stories tenham agora outras estórias ainda mais incríveis para contar!

I was missing this!

Oh boy...! I missed so much these stories.
These last few days of sunshine in the Netherlands were blessed and inspired me a lot. And now I do not want something else; nor fail to create stories, not let the sun go away!
Hmmm...! já sentia tantas saudades destas histórias.
Estes últimos dias de sol na Holanda foram abençoados e inspiraram-me imenso.
E agora não quero outra coisa: nem deixar de criar estórias, nem deixar que o sol se vá!